Joanna Rytel


Unfucked Pussy (Fia Sandlund and I) "organized" an exclusive invitation to the Miss Sweden live television gala in 2001. The Miss Sweden pageant was still big at the time and always in the tabloids. Some thought of it as cool entertainment, others as despicable. So there we were in our front row seats, my heart pounding, legs shaking because I was so nervous. Then we did it! Ran up on stage and unfolded a big banner with the message "Gubbslem" (Man Slime) live on TV. We wanted to attack the perpetrators: the spectators, the jury, the sponsors and the TV- channel. Sweden's most famous old man artist, Ernst Billgren, was on the jury without shame, giggle! This time we ended up in the tabloids. "Who were they?" Well, if it wasn't Unfucked Pussy. Note that we were not not fucked, as people understood it. No, our artist name meant that we were the ones who did the fucking of the guys. Nobody could fuck with us, we took care of that part. There would be no more Miss Sweden pageants ever! The TV- channel was ashamed and so were the sponsors because who would want to sponsor a man slime contest?