Joanna Rytel

Happy aborted children have their birthday


I thought of my two aborted children. How happy they are being more well off in heaven. I made a good decision since I want to be a wholehearted mother, but in the future. Often I think about how old they are in heaven. I created an entire world and made art to celebrate them. I set a great birthday table with confetti, balloons, lemonade, and cakes of course. The cakes looked like fetuses. Every cake had a candle with a number showing how many years the fetus had spent in heaven or how many years old it would have been on earth. You keep track of this, although people don't realize that. At one point the installation was transformed into a performance when the visitors got to eat fetus cakes. "Macabre," some said. "Oh, how nice," said others. "Now I'm thinking of my own little aborted child," somebody said. "Yes, they are up there. And even when you feel like you're alone, you're not."