Joanna Rytel

Abortion Graveyard

Interactive website

I missed a place were one could take farewell of ones unborn child, fetus, lump or whatever you defined your abortion as. There was no place on earth or in space so I created one on the Internet. An open place for farewells from a mother or a father who couldn't be one right now. Many associate graveyards with corpses, death, and sorrow. Because of this many have thought I'm against abortions every time I've mentioned an abortion graveyard. But to me a graveyard is a beautiful place, a memorial place. My Abortion Graveyard looked like a sky with clouds. Beneath every cloud one could write some words of farewell. Everyday the graveyard grew, soon there where over 2000 farewell clouds. But some people wrote nasty things: "abortion is murder, you are murderers". Then I got sick of it.