Joanna Rytel

Want To Play Doctor With Your Dick?


Want to play doctor with your dick? Ejaculation guaranteed you know. Maybe I'll choose you, so you should feel honoured. Or maybe you would be offended if taken for a potential sex buyer? First and foremost I'm a whore. Or am I just dressed up as a sex worker? I choose, if you are attractive, you can buy. Sex for money is my dream. I hand out flyers where I'm dressed up as a nurse. This is a classic sex fetish, which is appealing. Shaved cunt included of course. Most men don't get a flyer even if they ask. They are too ugly. What happens when a woman acts sexist towards a man? Can a man feel inferior when confronted with a sex worker? After the performance a few men emailed me at Sex4moneyismydream@ They wanted to know how much it cost or if it was art? I've yet to answer them. Although my performance was made in an art context I was careful it was not mentioned in the catalogue or the programme for the exhibition.