Joanna Rytel

A performance about the conscienceless pregnant woman. The performance is a sort of landscape of the pregnancy where I will ascribe the pregnant body a freedom and sexuality. Pregnant women are everywhere, in the city and on the countryside in all ranks of society and within all professions. The performance is interactive and will take place without announcement.
I am provoked by the small margin you are given with motherhood and by a certain prevailing role that is ascribed as a mother to be. As a pregnant you are always examined in the public space. It becomes a part of your life. You are expected to be calm, content, normal, motherly, considerate, faithful, healthy, proper, asexual etc.
I stage several actors of which one or a few are pregnant. With subtle codes and ways to behave they will turn the way people view upon pregnant women upside down.
The performance is in several acts and by each and one of them it will expand and by the end it will become an invasion with many pregnant women in the same public space. They will challenge expectations and change your opinion about pregnant women.